Vertical Racking


... is designed to store long product such as timber, conduit or conduit in a vertical orientation.

Empty bay of Vertical Rack

1. Composition
Vertical Rack is constructed primarily from Pallet Racking components.

A horizontal beam acts as the support arm and is the component that product leans against.

Horizontal beams are in turn connected to a front leaning post which forms part of the supporting frame within the structure.

Arm dividers are used to separate product and attach to the horizontal beams.

Similar to Pallet Racking, this structure only requires anchoring to the ground.

2. Configuration
A variety of configurations, including single and double sided may be created. Vertical Rack structures may vary not only by the bay height and bay length and horizontal spacing between arm dividers.

3. Safety
A safety feature of this rack is the use of a front stop. This helps prevent the goods from sliding forward and potentially falling out of the rack.

4. Vertical Rack Sizes

[Note: Standard sizes are listed below though other sizes are available]

Bay Heights: 3.658m and 6.096m
Bay Lengths: 1372mm and 2591mm
Arm Divider: 600mm long

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