Longspan Racking


... is a heavy duty style of shelving, hence it's name. Similar to Pallet Racking, it has a very open style which lends itself to the storage of heavier and larger items.

Three empty Longspan Racking bays

1. Description

If you are looking for a versatile and neat storage solution, Longspan Racking is the answer. It's design is suitable for longer runs where higher capacity support is required. This product boasts an extensive range of sizes so that we can tailor a design to suit almost any area and need.

2. Longspan Racking Sizes

A variety of standard frame heights, bay widths & shelf depths makes this type of shelving suitable for almost any location:

a) Frame Heights (mm):
Typically around 2 to 2.5m in height though up to 4m is possible.
[Note: We can cut frames to any height if required]

b) Bay Widths (mm):
The bay width is determined buy the beam lengths. A variety of bay widths are available to make up almost any length.

c) Shelf Depths (mm):
The most common sizes of shelving are between 500mm and 900mm though if you need other sizes please let us know.

3. Specifications

a)  Overall Length:
The overall length of a run of racking is calculated by adding all of the beam lengths (which is equivalent to the clear entry bay) to the frame widths which vary from 50 to 65mm.

b)  Shelving Material:
The most common shelf material is board though we also carry decks in formed mesh and formed flat steel.

c)  Finish:
The majority of the steel materials are available in a painted enamel style finish.

4. Applications

Our industrial Longspan Racking is typically used in industrial applications due to its strength. It is commonly found in warehouses, factories and retail stock rooms.

5. Warehouse Shelving

This medium capacity type of racking is ideal for warehouses due to it's pallet racking style. In design, it is a lighter duty version of Pallet Racking as it has similar frame construction and the rigid method of connecting beams to frames is almost identical. It is because of this that Longspan Racking boasts great strength and rigidity.

6. Other Racking Options

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