Forklift Jib


A Jib is defined as the projecting arm of a crane though it may be incorporated in to a forklift attachment when forklift tine pockets are included with this lifting device.

Silver coloured Forklift Jib fitted on a forklift

a)  Specifications

Space Rescue have a number of different styles available including ...
▢  Fixed Point ... with two hook points 500mm apart
▢  Telescopic (horizontal boom) ... with adjustable length from 780mm to 3550mm
▢  Angled (telescopic boom) ... with adjustable length from 800mm to 2390mm
▢  Tilting (telescopic boom) ... on three angles and adjustable length up to 3590mm
▢  Bulk Bag ... fitted with four safety swivel hooks (may be used by crane also)
▢  Tow Ball ... for towing
▢  Capacities ... from 2500kg to 10,000kg
▢  Finish ... Zinc plated

b)  Operation

► The tine pockets within each of the units described above enable an easy slip-on attachment with fork locking pins to allow quick and secure connection to a forklift.

► Each unit supplied with one or multiple Safety Swivel Hooks and Shackles.

► Telescoping and Tiltable booms fitted with safety pins for securing desired lengths and angles.

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