Walkie Stacker

Walkie Stackers (also known as Pedestrian Forklifts or Walk Behind Forklifts) are less expensive and able to be operated without a license when compared with a Forklift.

Walkie Stackers

There are three main types of offered for sale depending upon your budget and expected frequency of use:

Xilin Walkie Stacker

1. Manual

a)  Description

Manual Stackers are available for pallets (with bottom boards) in a Straddle style (as pictured) or for skids (without bottom boards) in a narrower Fork Over style.

b)  Operation

These units are quite versatile with both foot and hand pump plus adjustable tines for different sized pallets.

c)  Sizes and Dimenions

Available in 500 kg or 1000 kg capacity models and lift height up to 1.6 metres.

Crown Walk Behind Forklift

2. Semi-Electric

a)  Description

This machine is a cross between a Battery Electric and Manual unit.

b)  Operation

It has a Handle for manual push/pull movement plus steering though has an Electric Motor and Re-Chargeable Battery to perform the lifting and lowering operation.

c)  Sizes and Dimensions

It is able to lift pallets weighing up to 1500kg up to a height of 3 metres.

Crown Walkie Stacker

3. Electric

Also known as a Pedestrian Forklift, a these machines area more cost effective alternative to a conventional ride-on forklift.

a) Advantages:

Aside from the significant price difference, one other major advantage is that a forklift license is not required to operate one. This units is considered the crown jewel in our range.

Furthermore, the clear working aisle space is often less than that of their big brother; the ride-on forklift.

b) Types and Styles

Space Rescue sell (new and used), Manual, Straddle, Counter-balanced and Reach units with a lift height up to 4.8 metres.

c) Sizes and Dimensions

We have options with lift heights up to 5.5 metres and lifting capacities of up to 1.8 Tonnes.

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Ask us about our 2nd hand stock; we deal in all of the major brands. Other lifting units include our Skid Lifter and Pallet Jack as pictured below. We can also help you with used.