Stock Picker

Several styles of Stock Picker are available from our Handling Equipment range. Like the Walkie Stacker, this device does not require a license to use.

Stock Picker

Our range of Stock Pickers cover a variety of required platform lift heights. These aerial work platforms are designed to not only to improve reach ability but also safety and efficiency during stock picking, stock replenishment and maintenance.

These units are renowned for their maneuverability and compact size, making close access to shelving and materials possible. These machines can go more places than ever before; fitting through standard doorways and narrow aisles.

Push-around Units feature large platforms, 225 kg lift capacities and working heights of up to 6.4 metres without the need for outriggers

Driveable Units enable you to change location or fine tune your position whilst at full height.  Their outstanding reliability and operating time is made possible with innovative controls, maintenance-free components and automatic battery charging.

Model / Max Platform Height:
SP1 ... Platform lifts up to 3.05 m, providing working access up to say 5.05 m, capacity for 275 kg
SP2 ... Platform lifts up to 5.94 m, providing working access up to say 7.94 m, capacity for 275 kg

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If you need to buy a Stock Picker, Space Rescue have a variety of styles for sale at very competitive prices.

Please note that we also have a range of Mobile Platform Ladder