Space Rescue has a large range of Shelving available in a variety of styles to suit product stored, environment and application. 

Not only will it help you to take advantage of the space above the floor, our shelving offering help you to get organised and bring many efficiiencies to your business.

We have a large range available in new and used.

1. RUT Shelving (Rolled Upright Type)

Rolled Post Office Shelving  [ or Rolled Edge Type (RET) Shelving ]  typically describes shelving with solid sides, solid backs and adjustable shelves. The addition of dress panels makes it suitable for both front and back office applications.  

It also has its place in many industrial applications.

Frame Heights (mm, typical):  1875, 2175 and 2400
Bay Widths (mm, typical):  750, 900, 1050 and 1200
Shelf Depths (mm, typical): 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 760 and 900

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2. Longspan Shelving

With a clean open design and a choice of either MDF board, mesh or steel shelves, Longspan Shelving (or Long Span) is surprisingly versatile and may be used for a large  variety of applications within warehouse, factory, retail and office environments especially Archive Shelving.

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3. Compactor | Mobile Shelving


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4. Coolroom Shelving

Coolroom Shelving (or Cool Room Shelving is similar to Longspan Shelving when considering its openness and use of support rails.  Cool Room shelving though is characterised by its non-corrosive finish. This makes it suitable for cold and wet environments.

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5. Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving (or Supermarket Shelving) is popular in retail environments where clear unobstructed access to shelving is beneficial.

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6. Rivet Shelving

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7. Post Style Shelving

8. Dunnage Shelving

Mantova Dunnage Shelving, Heavy Duty Shelving Dunnage Shelving (or Dunnage Rack) is used to store heavy items off the floor. The tube shelf surface enables air circulation around perishable products. For loads up to 400kg use post style dunnage shelving. For loads in excess of 400kg use the fully welded dunnage rack. Both styles are available in 2 tiers.

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9. Rack Shelving

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Note: When additional working floor space is required in combination with shelving, a Mezzanine Floor supported by shelving is often employed.