RUT Shelving

RUT Steel Shelving is available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit product stored and application. 

RUT Steel Shelving

1. Sizes

Frame Heights (mm, typical): 1875, 2175 and 2375 (custom heights available upon request)

Bay Widths (mm, typical):  750, 900, 1050 and 1200 (this is also the shelf length)

Shelf Depths (mm, typical): 300, 400, 450, 600, 760 and 900

Also known as Office Shelving (or RET Shelving), this type of shelving is characterised by solid steel sides, solid steel backs and adjustable steel shelves. The addition of dress panels makes it suitable for both front and back office applications. It also has its place in many industrial applications. (Note:  RUT = Rolled Upright Type)

2. Parts Trays

There are a number of sizes of Parts Trays (with Dividers) to suit the various shelf depths.

Note 1: We have a large range available in both new and used

Note 2: Another popular style of shelving is Mobile Shelving, also known as a Compactor. This is a mobile shelving unit as the bays move along tracks. 

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