Platform Scale

Platform Scales are a great high capacity scale for use in warehouses and commercial applications for heavy objects and for counting smaller items.

Platform Scales

Weigh Scale 1. Description

Whilst typically of higher capacity,  the platform units are similar to table or bench units in that they are top-loading  though are typically mounted on the floor. LCD screens plus re-chargeable battery and a/c adapter are typical.

2. Finishes

Finishes include durable Stainless Steel, Mild Steel or Die Cast Aluminium for the platform with ABS plastic panels.

3. Variations

Space Rescue have a variety of scales including those a) for counting of parts, b) with different platform sizes, c) with different accuracy settings and a choice of d) maximum capacities.

4. Trade Approved

We have both standard and trade approved scales. If selling by weight it will be necessary to obtain a trade approved scale with a trade certificate.

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