Pallet Jack

A Pallet Jack (or Pallet Truck) offers a convenient means of lifting & moving heavy loads on a pallet or skid within your warehouse or factory. Our range includes wide, narrow, long, short and high lifting units to suit a variety of pallets and skids.

Pallet Jack

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a) Pallet
Australian Hardwood Pallets (of size 1165mm x 1165mm, like the the Chep or Loscam pallets) are best suited to a 685mm wide unit.

b) Skid
Euro Skids are best suited to 540mm wide units. Other types of skids may also be used with this width unit.

The four most important considerations for selecting the right unit are:

#1 ... the weight of the load to be moved and 
#2 ... the width of opening for insertion of the tines (or prongs).
#3 ... the height of the tines in the their lowest position
#4 ... the length  of the tines

1. Weight ... Most of our units have a capacity to lift 2500 kg (or 2.5 Tonnes). This designed strength makes our units suitable for most applications.

2. Width ... It is important to make sure that your pallets or skids will be able to be adequately carried. If the tines are too wide, you won't be able to insert the tines into the pallet or skid. If the tines are too narrow, you run the risk of not lifting the load safely due to the potential for toppling.  Our two most popular widths (measurement across the outside of the tines) are 685mm for Australian Standard Pallets and 540mm for various skid sizes including the European skid.

3. Height ... Similar to the width, if the height of the tines in their lowest position is not under the lifting surface of the pallet or skid, insertion of the tines will not be possible nor will any lifting..

4. Length ... Other considerations when choosing a pallet jack include the tine length as it is important that the product being moved is correctly supported by the tines. 

5. Wheels ... Our units feature the single wheel at the front of each leg. This arrangement is necessary for the Australian hardwood pallet to prevent interference with the bottom board. Two wheeled units often have the problem where one of the wheels pushes down and breaks the pallet's bottom boards when lifting. 

Unlike a Forklift, this style of pallet moving trolley does not require a license to operate. By pumping the handle, the unit is able to lift loads up to several Tonnes through the aid of a Hydraulic cylinder.

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Similar styles of units are available to lift pallets or skids higher. Please refer to our Skid Lifter and Manual Walkie Stacker pages for more information.