Narrow Aisle Rack

Narrow Aisle Pallet Rack achieves higher storage to footprint ratios than Selective Pallet Rack of equivalent pallet storage capacity.  This is primarily due to the narrower aisles which are made possible by the special forklifts and picking machines that are used to service them.

For very tall structures on a large footprint (aka High Bay Warehouses), it is not uncommon for automated cranes to service them.  With the economies of scale, the great expense of an ASRS (Automated Storage Retrieval System) with its speed and tireless 24/7 endurability can be justified.

In component form, this style of pallet rack is similar to Selective Pallet Rack only that it employs the use of floor guide rails to help the machines servicing these very narrow aisles from bumping into a nd damaging the racking structure.

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