Mobile Platform Ladder

When you need to access product or fixtures at height, Mobile Platform Ladders are a convenient and safe choice.

Mobile Platform Ladders

Also know as an Order Picker or Order Picking Ladder, these Aluminium frame units are light and provide a safer alternative to a simple ladder for accessing product at height. There are several different types available including folding, step-through and the most common ...

a)  Sizes and Platform Heights         Alternatively, electric drive and steering controls are available to assist in moving and re-positioning the ladder whilst up on the platform.

b) Accessries

Accessories include a shelf for lifting and lowering products (by winch or battery-electric motor) if you'd prefer not to carry product up and down the ladder and a safety bar to secure the exposed ladder side of the platform.

c)  Standard or Professional

c)  Types

There are five main styles (as outlined below) ranging from slim foldable units to larger and very stable units with generously sized working platforms. The load capacities and platform heights vary across the range. 

1. Navigator

As pictured above, this unit has four wheels that are made active by dropping the front lever to raise it up and make it easy to push around. Once the lever is dropped, the Navigator rests on the legs and is then in a mode which is safe to climb and stand on the top platform.

2. Tracker

Whilst similar in appearance to the first unit, the Tracker only has two wheels. It can also be moved around by lifting the front two bars and pushing, pulling and steering it around like a wheelbarrow.

3. Step-Thru

This unit does not have a safety rail at the rear and is designed to be used as a mobile stairway whereby access can be gained up on to a raised level of equal height or just a little higher than the platform on the Step-Thru unit.

4. Lift-Truk

This unit is very similar to the Navigator. The main difference is that it has a winch operated shelf if you'd prefer not to carry product whilst negotiating the ladder. This handy lift may be used to raise or lower items that require picking from height or placing back at height.

5. Omni

This unit can be moved n a similar manner to the Tracker. The main differences with this unit is that it does not offer the same safety rail protection and the top platform is smaller. Five different sizes are available with platform heights at either ... 

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Please note that our Stock Pickers offer greater height accessibility.