Mezzanine Floor

A Mezzanine Floor is a relatively simple yet highly effective means of increasing the area of flooring within the confines of an existing building. 

By definition, a Mezzanine Floor refers to "a low story (or floor) between two others". In a warehouse, the two other stories referred to here are the ground floor and the roof. 

1.    ‘Sub-Structure’ that is generally either assembled from structural steel components (columns and main beams) or pallet rack (end frames and rack beams)

2.    Deck that is typically made using tongue & groove Board (or Grid Mesh). Floor Boards are placed over joists which are supported by the main beams within the sub-structure. The top of the finished floor of a single tiered floor is generally between 2.4m and 4.5m in height.

‘Structural' Supported

A ‘structural steel’ sub-structure has the advantage of typically being able to offer greater clear spans under your floor.

This creates considerable flexibility for the movement of product, machinery and storage equipment to suit your changing needs.

•  You may tell us where you would like to place support columns to best suit your needs 
•  We have the ability to connect to existing walls where suitable thus providing clearer areas and even more space

‘Rack' Supported

A ‘rack supported’ floor consists of pallet racking components supporting the deck.

Typically pallet rack frames under a floor are used for pallet storage or steel shelving though they need not be. One advantage of using frames is that they may be continued through the floor to provide a ready made means for including shelving above the floor

 We can fit out your shelving system as well and offer a variety of styles
  You may tell us where you would like frames placed

Related Components and Accessories

Several different types of platform floor surface are available including tongue & groove floor board (either: Industrial Particleboard or Structural Plywood) and open style steel grate depending upon your application

Typically consisting of a top rail, mid (or knee) rail and kick-plate to provide safety for personnel on and under the floor.

Access staircases can be positioned to suit your operation, platform and warehouse layout.

Access Ladders 
Ladders are sometimes used in lieu of staircases when access space or budget is limited.  In comparison to a staircase, they are not as safe and a more awkward means of access.

Pallet Gates
The use of Pallet Gates makes it possible to transport palletised loads or cages up on to your platform.  A variety of gates are available depending on your needs and budget.

Pallet Landing Skids
These are steel plates that are placed to protect the floor in the area where you deposit and retrieve pallets from.

Should you wish to enclose your platform by creating rooms for additional office, assembly, service, manufacturing or storage space, we can help with the design and fitting of partitioning. Our designs typically consist of stud walls and a combination of windows and doors.

Column / Post Protectors
As in Pallet Racking, column or post protection is available for protecting structural steel columns or uprights within pallet rack supported floors.

These are raised horizontal walkways used for connecting platforms or an existing stair landing to a platform.