Longspan Shelving

Space Rescue offers a quality selection of new and used Longspan Shelving for sale. It is heavy duty shelving and is characterised by its open style shelving which suits both small and large products.

Longspan Shelving

Heavy Duty Shelving, Long Span

1.  Description:
To complement this heavy duty shelving's steel frames and beams, shelf decks may be supplied in either board, mesh or steel. A large range of heights, lengths and widths ensures we can provide a solution to almost any space.

2.  Dimensions & Sizes:
A variety of standard frame heights, bay widths & shelf depths makes this type of shelving suitable for almost any location:

a) Frame Heights (mm):
900, 1000, 2000, 2400 or 3000
[Note: We can cut frames to any height if required]

b) Bay Widths (mm):
900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 or 2400

c) Shelf Depths (mm):
460, 600, 900 or 1200

3.  Specifications: 
a)  Overall Length:
Add 60mm per frame to the beam/bay length

b)  Shelving Material:
Choice of Board, Mesh Decking or Steel Decking
Note: Mesh & Steel Decking are not available in the 1200mm shelf/frame depth

c)  Finish:
Posts and Beams are powder-coated in a dark grey colour. All frame bracing, baseplates (or feet) and hardware are Zinc plated.

4.  Applications:

With a clean open design and a choice of either board, mesh or steel shelves, Long Span Shelving is surprisingly versatile and may be used for a large  variety of applications within warehouse, factory, retail and office environments. 

Whilst it is often used in industrial applications, it can also be found in office back rooms storing archive boxes and other paraphernalia or in home garages acting as heady duty shelving.

▢  Warehouses
▢  Factories
▢  Mezzanine Floors
▢  Shipping Containers
▢  Retail
▢  Office
▢  Garage

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