Forklift Slippers

Forklift Extension Slippers are a popular forklift attachment that enable you to increase the length of your forklift tines and improve the versatility of your forklift. Space Rescue have a large range of sizes for sale to suit most forklifts.

Forklift Extension Slippers

Forklift Tyne Extensions, Forklift Extensions, East West Forklift Slippers, Fork Extension SlippersSpace Rescue's high quality, slim profile Forklift Slippers are fully certified, fitted with compliance plates and are supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual.

A great choice of Forklift Slipper lengths are available, ranging from 1.6m to 3.0m. Selection will depend upon the load you wish to lift plus your forklift tine length, forklift tyne throat size and forklift capacity.

1.  Sizes & Dimensions:
         Note: Slipper Lengths (L, mm) and corresponding maximum FTTS (forklift tine throat size) options (W x D, mm)

a)  1600 mm Long ... suiting FTTS up to either (i) 100 x 45, (ii) 130 x 50 or (iii) 155 x 55 ... Standard

b)  1780 mm ... suiting FTTS up to either (i) 100 x 50, (ii) 125 x 50 or (iii) 150 x 50 ... Economy

c)  1780 mm ... suiting FTTS up to either (i) 100 x 45, (ii) 130 x 50, (iii) 155 x 55 or (iv) 160 x 65 ... Standard

d)  2000 mm ... suiting FTTS up to either (i) 100 x 50, (ii) 125 x 50 or (iii) 150 x 50 ... Economy

e)  2100 mm ... suiting FTTS up to either (i) 100 x 45, (ii) 130 x 50, (iii) 155 x 55 or (iv) 160 x 65 ... Standard

f)  2400 mm ... suiting FTTS up to either (i) 100 x 45, (ii) 130 x 50, (iii) 155 x 55 or (iv) 160 x 65 ... Standard

g)  3000 mm ... suiting FTTS up to either (i) 155 x 55 or (ii) 160 x 65 ... Standard

[Custom Built Forklift Extension Slippers are available and are designed for larger forklift tines with lengths
up to 3.5m and 16 Tonnne capacities.]

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2.  Standard, Economy or Custom?
Aside from the length of slipper required, it is important to make a decision based on the lifting capacity of your forklift and the maximum weight of the products to be lifted.

Our Custom Forklift Slippers are deigned for larger forklifts with larger tines. 8 & 12 Tonne slipper capacities up to 3m in length plus 16 Tonne capacity for slippers up to 3.5m in length

3.  Specifications
        a)  Material:
            ... made of High Tensile Grade Steel
        b)  Finish:
            ... Standard = Zinc Plated for added protection
            ... Economy = Safety Orange painted finish
        c)  Style:
            ... Standard = enclosed slippers
            ... Economy = open at bottom
        d)  Locking Pin
            ... each slipper includes a locking pin to enable it to be secured to the tine to prevent if from accidentally
                slipping off of the forklift tine.

4.  Compliance, Safety and Australian Standards
        a)  Compliance
           ... all of of our slippers come with a rating plate fitted         
        b)  Safety
           ... your order will include a set of operating instructions and a pair of locking pins per slipper set
        c)  Australian Standards
           ... our Forklift Slippers have been designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard
              AS 2359.15 in a high tensile grade steel. As per AS2359.15, forklift slippers designed for general usage
              should be no longer than 167% of the supporting forklift tine's length.

5.  Forklift Performance
        It is also important to note that use of tine extensions will no doubt increase the load centre of your Forklift Truck
        Tines which will result in de-rating of the forklifts lifting specifications. The resulting lifting capacity may be
        limited by either the forklift or the extended tines own capacity limitations. It would be worth gaining an
        understanding of this prior to use.

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6.  Example
        If you needed a 2100mm long pair of slippers and you had forklift tines that measured 120 mm x 50 mm at the
        throat, you would need a pair of 2100mm (length option 'e') with pocket opening type (ii). Furthermore, type (i)
        would be too small (ie. not possible to insert tines), whilst type (iii) would be too big (ie. too loose, sloppy fit).