Electric Lift Platform

An Electric Lift Platform is simply a static lifting platform operated with an electric powered actuator and scissor mechanism.

Electric Lift Platform

Electric Lift Table

a) Description

An Electric Lift Platform allows you to set-up a load at an optimum height to increase safety and efficiencies for the operation and operator. With push button control, loads may be raised or lowered.

b) Platform Shape

The platform comes in either a U-Shaped or Rectangular platform.

c) Sizes

Option 1 ... Capacity 1000 kg | Lift height 780mm | U-Shaped Platform 1420mm x 1140mm
Option 2 ... Capacity 1000 kg | Lift Height 760mm | Rectangular Platform 1450mm x 1140mm
Option 3 ... Capacity 2000 kg | Lift Height 1010mm | Rectangular Platform 1300mm x 800mm

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Other similar styles of lifting units include our Pallet Jack, Skid Lifter and Lift Table Trolley as pictured below.

Pallet Truck                                                               Scissor Lift Table