Cabinets are a great way of storing items in a secure manner. A variety of cabinets are available depending upon the usage, the type of space available and the products to be stored.

Stationery Cabinet

Stationary, Metal, Steel, Storage, Cabinet

Storage Cabinet, Filing Cabinet, Metal Cabinet, Steel Cabinet As the name suggests, these simple cabinets with shelves are a great way of storing and securing small items.

Flammable Storage Cabinets

For the storage of flammable goods. We have a variety of sizes available.

Tambour Door Cabinets

Stylish cabinet with slat doors that recede into the sides of the cabinet as you open. Tambour Door Cabinets can be locked and provide secure storage.

Tool Cabinets

Often mobile, these cabinets provide a working surface and are a convenient means of storing and securing tools of  trade. Also known as Toolcabs.


Small or full length compartments (often breathable) with security features.

Ideal for clothes storage within change rooms.

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