Bin Rack

A Bin Rack (or Action Rack, Display Rack) is a unique style of storage system providing a tiered, sloping, visually open and compartmental approach to storage. Ideal when your operation is assisted by keeping small components, brochures, food or parts on display.

Bin Rack

Bin Racking, Action Rack, Display Rack
Storage Bin Racking is the ideal solution for small parts storage or food storage in workshops, storerooms, kitchens, warehouses, retail and hospitality applications.

A bolted pre-galvanised steel frame provides a rigid frame to carry loads imparted from a series of lift out plastic bins.  Options include swivel castors to make these units mobile. Space Rescue has a variety of sizes and configurations for sale.

1.  Dimensions
Widths ... are either 1015 mm or 2022 mm
Depths ... vary up to 450mm depending on bin size selected
Height ... is 1800mm

2.  Bin Sizes plus Rack Configuration Options:
a)  430 x 323 x 127 H ... 13.5 Litres  | 6 bins across x 6 levels high
b)  457 x 318 x 165 H ... 16 Litres  |  6 bins across x 5 levels high
c)  457 x 318 x 260 H ... 27 Litres  |  6 bins across x 5 levels high
d)  645 x 413 x 210 H ... 32 Litres  |  3 bins across x 4 levels high
e)  645 x 413 x 276 H ... 46 Litres  |  3 bins across x 4 levels high
     [Colours .... bins available in Blue, Red and White] 

It is so convenient to have your stock in clear view and so easily accessible. This storage system embodies the Japanese 'Kanban' philosophy.

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